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You Won’t

You Won’t” —Don’t ever say these words to my friend Dingo…’cause he will.

Throughout our lives, we learn from our parents, and then transition to the teachings of others for guidance. Whether this secondary group consists of teachers or peers, it is outside of our control how it will effect us.

Punchbowl Gainer

Punchbowl is an infamous cliff jump outside Aspen, CO. 59 ft above the river, one must clear over 15 ft of rock ledge to reach safety.

With that said, there are strong personalities in our lives that dictate our actions or thoughts while growing up. Then there are the people who are so gung-ho and hard core that we couldn’t follow them if our lives depended on it. That brings me to my friend “Dingo.” Ever since growing up in Ohio, he had to get “creative” to feed his adrenaline cravings. Whether it be a bar fight, or running from the police on a crotch rocket, the goals were the same. Nowadays, he’s been turning over a new, safer leaf (as you can see above and below). He’s been a close friend of mine for years, and will be for years to come. But I’ve learned that sometimes in life you have to step back, relax, and let the crazies get their kicks.

Punchbowl Gainer, Alternate View

An alternate view of the dangerous Punchbowl, outside Aspen, CO. This gives the true height of the drop.

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