Desert Portrait

Desert Self Portrait


Good photography is not just snapping pictures. It’s harnessing an essence, a split second of time that suggests a rich story. It’s capturing something that anyone can view, but no one has noticed. With these ideals in mind, I strive to capture the world that surrounds me with a camera lens. My aim is to captivate and motivate my viewers, so they might appreciate the world they live in more each day.

Originally from Cumberland Center, ME, I first discovered the West on a trip to Winter Park, CO. I was a competitive freestyle skier with Carrabassett Valley Academy, and the road to Berthoud Pass blew my mind. Then and there I decided I wanted to live in Colorado. A few years later, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, and began to play with video and film while I earned a BA in Psych.

For 3 years, I resided in Aspen, Colorado; home of the deadly Maroon Bells, and other dangerous 14,000 ft. peaks. Though Aspen is known for it’s sensational winter scene, summertime quickly became my favorite season. The high country offered more activities than I had ever dreamed of, and since Aspen was much closer to places like Moab, Green River, and Telluride, I got to see a lot with little effort. After a while, it only seemed natural to document my travels with photography.

I decided to return to my roots, and moved back to Portland, ME. Though far from the wild West, it has been exciting exploring the different moods of the ocean. Though dealing with Mother Nature can be a challenge in Maine, I have learned that variable weather can add a lot of emotion to a photo.

Being a self-taught photographer from the ground up has been a challenge, but I’ve found that having this passion keeps me going. It’s become the reason why I summit peaks, or wake up an hour before dawn. I have committed myself to this method of expression because it is a visual representation of the life I lead. Coupled with an obsession with backpacking and camping, I look for locations far off the beaten path that simply cannot be put into words. So pick your poison, strap in, and let your mind’s eye soar. Care to take a photographic journey with me?


  1. Emily Titera

    Jeremy, I really-really love your pictures! You definitely have a special eye for capturing amazing shots.

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