Rodeonexis Photo

Crown Trail Quagmire

I was a digital sinner, but then I saw the light. But it was blown out, so I used HDR to get a better look at it.

Mr Numb (Flickr Pro user)

I consistently hear non photo enthusiasts (or at least those who aren’t hip to certain techniques) say that HDR is a cheater’s tool to make up for lacking skills in the photog arts. For the layperson, HDR is an acronym for “high dynamic range.” In short, this is a way to combine the color information from multiple photos into one magnificent final product. Where the human eye can view distant sunsets and adjust to see nearby blades of grass instantly, a camera’s photo can only correctly expose the foreground, mid, or background in a single exposure. What seems to be a pitfall of modern photography is the cause of the ruckus I speak of today.

Crown Trail Sunset Panorama

Just another delicious panoramic sunset over Carbondale, CO. This is NOT HDR folks…

We all have our own preferences and distastes, and the art world is no exception. Since art is not a static idea or set of principles, then there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing oneself. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s one of the few things in this life we can call our own. With that said, the above picture is NOT an HDR image. Though it contains some of the aspects of a high dynamic range photo, it was a single exposure processed using Adobe Lightroom. So is the above picture an abomination because it’s been edited and tweaked? In the end, serious critics of HDR may be inexperienced, or envious of the results of others. Some users start with overcooked images, but learn to harness the true power of HDR (or other photography tools) to bring out the best in their own photography. Either way, it’s about having fun, and experiencing the world around us.

Click HERE for a tutorial that helped jump start my learning and obsession with processing photographs.

Check back later for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir


  1. Just started using Lightroom, dowloaded version 4 a week ago. At first it was overwhelming as the platform is so unlike Photoshop. But due to an overexposure issue (yes, I’m lacking in the fine art of photography, but I’m learning) during my daughters prom pictures I forced myself into sitting down for a few hours and learning the basics.

    I think I’ve fallen in love, with a program. My “old” Photoshop CS2 may of done the trick, after working on an image for quite sometime, but with LR4 it’s so easy and breathtakingly lifelike. I don’t like overworked images that don’t look “real”. I want my photos to look like how I saw them.

    Even the pros that get spot on white balance, of which I can do, when I’m not rushed and being pushed by my daughter to “hurry up” want to adjust images later for warmth and bring out shadows that were hidden without blowing out the sky. Great article and blog BTW

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