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Pastel Paradise

“The most arid, most hostile, most lonesome, most grim, bleak, barren, desolate, and savage quarter of the state of Utah — the best part by far.”

Edward Abbey

Though there are a LOT of breathtaking vistas to be seen in Utah, Mr. Abby definitely has a point. 337,570 acres of standing, tilted, and broken red rock lay homage to ancient times, but also ancient inhabitants as well. Even during the harshest of summer heat, the Anasazi people chiseled life into the rocks that gave them shelter and spirituality. Though they seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth, the native inhabitants were not the only ones exploring this maze of rocks. Learn more HERE.

Pastel Paradise

The Wilhite Trail leads adventurers from the Island in the Sky district down to the White Rim Trail. Canyonlands, UT.

Bates Wilson was the superintendent of the newly formed Arches National Monument in 1951, when word came of a massive string of canyons not far from what soon became the town of Moab, UT. Wilson began exploring and mapping the region on horseback, and sending his finds back to local government. By the late 1950s, our national government had taken a serious interest, and placed Wilson on a special committee to create a new national park. This was to be called “Grand View National Park.” Click HERE for more info. Though the name has changed, the surreal colors and vistas have not. The picture shown above is a view from Island in the Sky, a 1,500 ft butte that stands above Canyonlands NP.

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