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Where Angels Dare

Zion National Park, found just outside of Springdale, UT is an astounding place. But unlike most it’s counterparts (Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands) Zion has an abundance of water. This crucial element in the arid Colorado Plateau has changed the landscape in countless ways. The Virgin River snakes through places like Zion Canyon (pictured below) and has brought life to the desert heat for millennia.

Angel's Landing Sunset

Few, if any, of Zion’s 2 million visitors each year witness such a vista. Angel’s Landing, Zion Canyon, Zion NP UT.

The most interesting aspects of time and water are also found far away from the popular Zion Canyon road. Quite unexpectedly, Zion NP holds the world’s 4th largest arch. Kolob Arch stands at a height of 104.7 ft tall, and has a span of 287.4 ft. Click HERE to learn more. Though the Colorado Plateau has the greatest concentration of arches and natural bridges in the world, visitors flock to Springdale and Hurricane UT for the grandeur of sheer cliffs and narrow canyons. The arches found in the park tend to be hidden in a maze of backcountry sandstone. And though a paved path led three quarters of the way to the vista shown above, no such luck will greet the adventurer looking for Kolob Arch. For further Zion details, click HERE.

Check back later for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir


  1. This is a pretty hairy hike in the light of day. I can’t imagine doing it when it was dark out. How did you get up there and back down without getting stuck in darkness?

  2. This is a pretty hairy hike during the day. I can’t imagine hiking it in darkness. How did you get up/down for this shot without getting caught by the night?

    • Good question! I had a strong headlamp that showed me the way down. Also, since I wasn’t battling any crowds in could take my time where I needed to, and not tumble a thousand feet to the river below.

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