Rodeonexis Photo

The Land of Standing Waves

Paria means “muddy water”  or “water with elk” in the Paiute Indian language.

NPS – Paria View

The Cottonwood Cove district of Coyote Buttes comes alive. Outside Page, AZ

This age old quote does little to describe the colorful 294,000 acre national monument just outside the reaches of Page, AZ. Click HERE for BLM details. While tourists in RVs buy works of art in Sante Fe and other southwestern towns, hearty and clever adventurers experience the fabled breath-taking beauty and solitude of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness firsthand. This is not an easy task, mind you. Deeply rutted sandy tracks (which pass as roads) etch a human presence within the wilderness. At best, these roads are challenging to a fully equipped OHV.

This area is more than just rich with insane vistas and tinted sandstone structures. It serves as one of America’s best kept geological secrets as well. Click HERE for more details. The fragile sandstone holds 7 different geological formations, which help geologists measure time. The layer cake rock formations create surreal shapes and masses. These sandstone objects were formed through millions of years of wear and tear from the elements. What once were numerous rock fins now shape living rock, such as these teepees found in Cottonwood Cove, Coyote Buttes South.

Check back later this week for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir

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