Rodeonexis Photo

Droppin’ Hot Plates

"Woof! Bauf! Blaggers!" -Derek Finn, Ben Wiltsie and Tanner Rainville, winter 2004

ECTO COOLER is a electronic DJ/Producer out of Los Angeles, CA. Playing mostly Hard House & Electro, while dabbling in Dubstep and Club/Party genres as well, Ecto Cooler has quickly become a well-known name in the LA/Hollywood/South Bay area. From his electro-heavy original tracks & floor-burning remixes to running club nights and residencies on his own and playing larger shows/festivals with world-famous DJs, he has solidified himself as an exciting talent in the EDM scene.

Hot Plates, Belly Up Aspen

Ecto Cooler killing 'em loudly, Belly Up Aspen, CO

Known to drop banger after banger and keep the crowd bouncing ’til their feet hurt, Ecto Cooler is surely not one to be missed! For more information, upcoming shows, booking/remixing/collab inquiries, and anything else your heart desires – contact or visit

 Check back later this week for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir

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