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Back Alley Beauty

The Mile High City is famous for a lot of things, and “First Friday” is one of them. Over 30 galleries stand on or near Sante Fe Drive, a one way that skirts downtown of Denver. The beauty of the 1st Friday Art Walk isn’t the number of amazing galleries offering pieces, but the eclectic mix of its content. Tattoo parlors like The Rebellion offer challenging pieces while standing in close proximity to mom and pop shops, offering free wine and conservative works. In short, there’s a little bit for everyone, and it’s all about opening your mind.

Sante Fe Alley Graffiti

Even back alleys are stunning, Sante Fe Dr, Denver CO

Though it’s exciting to attend the Sante Fe Art Walk, my attention is not drawn to the posh galleries that offer tastes of red wine. I like the back alley graffiti. The scrawls of animations and tags across garages and dumpsters. These layers of paint are straight from the streets, where paper and pencils don’t scream loud enough. This genre can be challenging, but on Sante Fe Drive in Denver each 1st Friday, the graffiti and street art connect the dots for the rest of the art world. Check it out for yourself. Click HERE for more details on events and happenings.

Check back later this week for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir

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