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The population of the United States in 2010 stood at 308,745,538 people
—U.S. Census Bureau

Not only is Denver, CO the 24th largest city in the United States (containing a total of 610,345 residence in 2009), in 1880 it was also the most notorious red light district in the entire Rocky Mountains. Click HERE for more details. Though we take Shotgun Willie’s and the Denver Nuggets for granted, things weren’t always as settled as they are now. The first trading post was established near what is the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek in 1815. This camp consisted of 20 buildings, 45 hearty pioneers and the Arapaho Indians. These are the days of Captain Pike, Major Long, and Captain Gunnison (to name just a few). These men were the heroes who first summited peaks, struck gold, and brought commerce into the wild lands of Colorado. Simply put, they pushed manifest destiny into action.

Condos reflect off Cherry Creek, Denver

Condos reflect off the still waters of Cherry Creek, Denver CO

The settlements of Denver City and Auraria began as rivals, but after a candlelight ceremony in 1860, the two adjacent towns were joined. Unfortunately, after this unification, hard times tried all residence of the newly founded town. Harsh winters, scalding fires, and even Native American massacres pulled at the bonds of the fledgling community. Click HERE for more detail. Denverites pushed back against the threats, and again prospered. Today, we see posh modern neighborhoods perched on the banks of Cherry Creek, instead of ramshackle homesteads and hard times. Though a stark contrast, these images go to show the prosperity of the region, and it’s aspirations to succeed. Click HERE for a timeline of Denver history.

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