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Crystal City Ghost Mill

Devil’s Punchbowl, along the road from Schofield Pass to Crystal, is one of the most dangerous traverses in all of Colorado

Crystal, a.k.a. “Crystal City,” is a ghost town located between Crested Butte, and the town of Marble in southwestern Colorado. Mining operations in the town started as far back as the 1860’s, but the road was so poor that work didn’t produce much until the route was upgraded in the 1880’s. Click HERE for more details. This blows my mind, since it was a chore to make it to the site in a modern, trail rated SUV. Anyone who has gone off-roading will agree that 4 miles can be a lot farther than it sounds.

The hydroelectric ghost mill of Crystal, CO

The hydroelectric ghost mill of Crystal, CO

Mining in the area included silver, lead, copper, iron, and zinc. Click HERE for further info. In it’s heyday, Crystal boasted up to 500 miners. The fame and fortune was short lived though, and by 1915 fewer than 10 residents could call Crystal home. Nowadays, there are a few hearty summer residents, but the houses mainly stand as hunting and fishing getaways. Though seemingly far off the beaten path, the famous Crystal Mill is one of the most photographed historic places in all of Colorado.

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