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A Placid Morning at Sleepy Hollow

Maine is known as Vacationland, but let’s not sell New Hampshire short. City and country folk alike from Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and Connecticut make the trek to places like Newfound Lake each summer to beat the heat. Newfound is considered in the top 10 cleanest lakes in the entire United States, and boasts over 22 miles of shoreline for recreation. Click HERE for more stats on the beautiful body of water. Though the East Coast can only claim one National Park as it’s own (Acadia National Park in Maine), there are countless places to explore that will take your breath away. Yes, obvious locations are found on the rocky, broken coast. But a shrewd traveler would also look inland…

Loon Island, Newfound Lake, NH

Loon Island is a coveted treasure. Newfound Lake, NH

Loon Island, found on Newfound Lake, is a hidden gem of the Lakes Region area of New Hampshire. This sleepy cove plays host to locals who love placid early mornings, and deep water starts on their water skis. This area could easily be a state park, but most just call it home. Another area of historic value and beauty is Timberloch Lodge, found on the south easterly Pasquaney Bay. Also a great spot for recreation, vacationers find their way to Timberloch to doze on the peaceful beaches and simply get away from it all. I can’t wait till my next visit this summer!

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  1. I sure hope some day I can get to Timberloch. From all I have seen and heard of it, it’s a pretty great place to vacation – unhurried, relaxing and beautiful lake for water activities. Just what a good vacation should be!

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