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Vexed Factory Butte

Factory Butte is an icon of the southern desert, just outside Hanksville. Utah. Though only home to a sparse and hearty few, many visit from the surrounding states for various reasons; mostly to camp, hike and dirt bike. And here likes the problem. Conservationists of Utah are voicing concerns about the eradication of various cacti species, mainly found in and around the Factory Butte district. They have recently passed laws in the legislature that constrict OHVs (off highway vehicles) to a couple small areas. Take a look at Swing Arm City for an example. This movement has off-road enthusiasts in an outrage. They feel that their rights have been violated with these new laws, and some even claim to be ready to sue the local government for corrections to these jurisdictions. Please click HERE for more articles that support this viewpoint.

Desert Factory

Factory Butte, outside Hanksville, UT. Notice the tracks long the lower portion of the photo…

After a recent visit to the famed butte, I couldn’t help but notice OHV tracks, which zig-zagged all over the moon-like landscape. The new ordinance has tightened the controls over where these vehicles are allowed, but motorized enthusiasts aren’t listening. Please click HERE for further conservation info. The American southwest encompasses many beautiful regions, but few are protected. We must regain control over these areas, and protect them for future generations. With this said, we also must protect the rights of OHVs, and designate or create new arenas for these enthusiasts. We must balance factors, but ultimately have something to show our grandchildren as well.

Check back later this week for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir

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