Rodeonexis Photo

Left to Rust

The desert is a beautiful but harsh place. Crumbling Rodeway Inns, miles of lonely barbwire fencing, and signs that caution “No Service For 108 Miles” seem to greet us around every arid curve. In this same land, we can also frolic on ancient inland seas, marvel at vast sandstone columns, and peak into the heritage of the human race. Aside from eerie views, the desert experiences temperature swings of more than 30˙F in one day. Click HERE for an example. Few other places on Earth offer such dramatic variations, but this American badland found in Utah still plays host to hearty animals, trees, and people.

30+ miles from the nearest help

A 'brokedown' truck outside Caineville, Utah

We’ve all witnessed stranded cars in the wild, but this is different. The Cathedral Valley Rd, which leaves Caineville, UT from Hwy 24, is a rugged swath through aggressive canyons and melting hillsides. Only high clearance 4WD vehicles can successfully complete this loop, even in dry conditions. This truck driver must have had some serious balls (or was a serious idiot). After trekking through steep grades and hairpin curves, I found this wreck 30+ miles away from the nearest soul. It now stands as a rusting sentinel, guarding cow patties and fields of golden grass that wilt with the heat.

Rodeonexis Photography and Jeremy Weir captured this image to show one of many harsh realities found in the desert. One can’t help but think of fallen climbers who are left to die on the slopes of Mount Everest. The same can be said about these junk heaps in the desert: it would take far too much effort and precious time to remove these metal carcasses from this moon-like landscape. Simply put, it’s gruesome beauty.

Check back later this week for more details and images from © Rodeonexis Photography…brought to you by Jeremy Weir

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